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Alexcia M. Plummer, JD
Contracts Consultant | Strategic Negotiator | Singer

Allow me to close your multi-million dollar contracts, build and maintain your Federal Government and Industry relationships, and protect your most prized intellectual property, so that you can dedicate your energy to other essential elements in your business.

Or hire me as a Singer to bring captivating performances to your corporate events.

Universal Bar Exam: Passed New York

Bar admission: Indiana - Admitted: July 30, 2021

Notary public: Commission ends March 30, 2029

Alexcia Plummer head shot bw

& Business Development

Contracts Consultant

I am a versatile and accomplished professional with extensive contract negotiation and legal analysis experience. I specialize is creating and protecting intellectual property, luxury travel curation, professional singing, and podcast hosting. Hire me as a Business Development Manager, Contracts and Compliance Specialist, International Partnerships Manager, Corporate Relations Manager, or Luxury Brand Consultant. I offer expertise in negotiating complex contracts, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, staying abreast of evolving legislation and regulations, captivating audiences through live performances as a singer, and engaging listeners as a podcast host. I am committed to leveraging my diverse skill set, cross-cultural competence, and passion for music and storytelling to drive business growth, establish strategic partnerships, enhance brand positioning, and deliver exceptional entertainment experiences. I am eager to contribute my legal acumen, artistic talents, and entrepreneurial mindset to the success of organizations, while fostering connections and promoting cultural exchange.

Alexcia M Plummer

& Partner Relations


Singer/ Owner-travel operator/ Website developer/ Social media marketing

Luxe Immersive Travel & Dream Seeker Travel LLC

Link to full description

I curate customized luxury group travel itineraries, specializing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi escapades

Community Leadership and Involvement: Elected Precinct Committee member, Owner-Creator & Curator, AMPsConnected Podcast (Artists networking platform) Hapkido - Black Belt (Received in South Korea) Younger Women's Task Force (Community Activist) TIME Magazine, December 2006 - Person of the Year

Skills: Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Review Legal Research and Analysis Intellectual Property Law Cross-cultural Communication Customer Relationship Management Social Media Strategy and Management Luxury Travel Planning Time Management and Organization


English: Fluent (native) Arabic: Actively learning (written and spoken) Korean: Novice (lived experience, written and spoken)

My expertise as a Contracts Negotiator I: 

  • Provide guidance on contract management strategies, ensuring adherence to policies, procedures, and legal requirements.

  • Draft, review, and negotiate a wide range of contracts, including Master Agreements, Service contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Federal and State agreements, resulting in improved contract terms.

  • Conduct thorough analysis of contract terms and conditions to identify potential risks, mitigate liabilities, and protect the interests of the university.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders, including legal counsel, procurement, and department heads, to develop contract strategies aligned with organizational objectives and compliance standards.

  • Develop and implement standardized contract templates, improving efficiency and streamlining contract processes across various departments.

  • Maintain accurate contract records and documentation, ensuring easy retrieval and compliance with recordkeeping standards.

Alexcia M. Plummer is a multifaceted artist, leveraging her exceptional vocal talent and legal expertise to make a lasting impact in the music industry. With a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Industry Studies and a concentration in Vocal Performance from Loyola University, she has honed her musical skills while developing a deep understanding of the business side of the industry. Alexcia's journey as a singer has taken her to prestigious stages, including Carnegie Hall and delivering powerful renditions of the national anthem at professional sporting leagues such as the NBA, SEC, and BIG Ten championships, Alexcia has continued to make a significant impact on the music scene. Alongside her musical pursuits, she utilizes her legal skills to negotiate contracts and effectively manage singers and her current band. This unique combination of artistic prowess and legal acumen enables Alexcia to not only deliver captivating performances but also navigate the intricacies of the industry with precision and professionalism. With her unwavering passion for music and dedication to excellence, Alexcia continues to inspire and uplift audiences while leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape.

Here is a Video of a few performances: 

Here is a recording with a previous band and podcast episode: 

Sweet Love - 496 West Ft. Alexcia M.Plummer
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