Alexcia M. Plummer, JD,

The Visionary, Owner-Creator & Curator of AMPsConnected : AMPsCNXTD and Host of AMPsConnected Podcast. 

She is a Singer by birth and a Lawyer by demand.

Alexcia has a passion for the Arts, culture, and traveling.

Launched 27 July 2015, AMPsConnected is home-based in Louisiana, USA.

With eclectic curiosity as pilot and fernweh as co-pilot,

AMPsConnected Podcast connects the World through Artists, one life story an episode.

Tune in weekly to explore the world through the lives of Culture Definers, Leaders, Thinkers, Creators, and Innovators...or simply, Artists.

Travel bags packed --check-- passport in hand --check-- Alexcia is ready to connect! 

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